About Us


Known to small-to-medium size businesses as advocates for quality and easy to use VoIP/SIP Trunking solutions and service provider with competitively low-monthly service plans, Telava’s mobile division, Telava Mobile, is tailored for those who are unlocked from the ‘post-paid is better’ spell.

Telava Mobile is a smarter way to stay connected without pushy contracts, hidden charges or intrusive credit checks. However, you still get all the benefits that a post-paid plan has to offer – like 30 days of unlimited talk, text and data service. Just pay in advance so you don’t have to worry about additional usage minutes, roaming charges or lingering surprise phone bills. We don’t charge for extras like the big giants to cover their large spending overhead. Instead, we prefer our business model – we keep things simple and pass the savings on to you, while you stay connected to everything and everyone – all the time.

Our service is reliable and runs on one of the nation’s most reliable network. With 3G speeds of wireless coverage for voice, text, data and international text messaging – you won’t miss anything about post-paid service. Here's another big plus - we don’t require you to purchase a phone from us in order to have our service. Keep your current unlocked GSM phone or smartphone. All you have to do is purchase a Tech Mate SIM Card for your phone and select a service plan. That's it - we do the rest.

Telava Mobile. It’s Your Call.