TechMate How It Works

TECH MATE How It Works

Use Tech Mate SIM Card with your existing GSM Cell Phone *qualifications apply

Shop Online:

  1. Purchase a Tech Mate SIM Card for $5.00
  2. Select a service plan
  3. Check out and confirm purchase

Activate Service:

When you receive your shipment, then

  1. Call Customer Care or go online and click on 'Members', then 'Activate Service'.
  2. Provide the Activation Details that are provided in your SIM Card package
  3. You will be notified once your activation is complete, (typically within 1 hour or less).
  4. Your representative will also let you know your next refill date.
  5. Insert your SIM Card into your phone and power on your cell phone.

30 Days Later, Refill Your Minutes:

  1. 3 Days before your expiration date, you will hear notifications your minutes will be expiring.
  2. Go online and click on 'Members', then 'Refill Minutes' and proceed with purchase.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation with a new PIN # with directions. A customer care representative will also call you to confirm you received the PIN #.

*Majority of unlocked GSM cell phones qualify! iPhone, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and most other mobile phone models. When in doubt, call us and we'll let you know if your phone qualifies.